IT Consultancy in Software Delivery

Providing IT consultancy for the software delivery particularly around delivering software products in regulated spaces.

Helping CxOs and senior engineering leaders deliver secure, compliant software products through process re-engineering, smart technology choice, automation and prioritising and delivering strategic projects.

Create and communicate the right vision, ensure you get the right insights, clean up your toolchain and backlogs, understand service management. Services I provide include:

  • Understanding your “As Is” picture for product, organisation and ambition
  • Relating process and technology to business goals
  • Help you build and communicate a vision for both your product and your tech
  • Ensuring you have the right insights and KPIs
  • Getting the right (DevOps) tooling for CI/CD and Service Management
  • Improving on-boarding and off-boarding processes
  • Ensuring you’re covering regulatory and audit
  • Bringing it all together and measuring the difference
  • Strategic vision for IT
  • Choosing and working successfully with development partners
  • Managing the move to the cloud and managing change in your systems
  • Effective lifecycle management for IT
  • Overcoming the challenges of hybrid working

You can find out more at Richard W Bown.